Xiaomi Mijia Electric Scooter Pro Coupon Code worth $9 For Global User, No Custom Duty for EU, UK, Germany Users

$9 Coupon Code

$9 Coupon from Gearbest with Free Delivery, Black Color, EU, US, Germany Warehouse with No Custom Duties, 45KM Mileage 12.8ah battery, 8.5-inch rubber inflatable wheels, AC 100 - 240V, 50 / 60Hz, 8-9 Hour Charging, Gearbest Limited Discount, Global Shipping.

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Buy Xiaomi Electric scooter on Gearbest.com  with an offer of $9 The Market Price of the Electric scooter is $459 using Coupon Code: T3B50B7AC621D001 you will get this electric scooter in discounted price Discount $450, therefore Hurry up this offer is for a limited period.

The people have a burning desire to try something new with a new electric scooter a 300W wheel motor (max 600W) provides the maximum 25km/h speed and max 15-degree gradient The first thing that we see in any bike scooter is it’s average or mileage and it’s loading capacity how much load it can bear So you will be stunning by hearing that this Xiaomi electric scooter gives a mileage of 40km with the one-time charge it takes 8-9 hours to fully charge 

it comes with Li-ion battery and a maximum payload of 100kg. It is a foldable Electrical scooter you can bring this in your car trunk during long travel its weight is around 18.2kg which is very lightweight and convenient for carrying, it may help you in a secluded place. You can have always another option of this foldable electric scooter with kick start.

There are some key Features of Electric scooter are Aluminum alloy shell for maximum 100kg payload. There is a multifunctional control panel that can show the current speed, cycling mode, Bluetooth, Real-time battery display, and scooter repair situation. It operates in multimode there is only  one button for multiple modes In the off state short press to open the scooter in the boot state, press and hold 3s to turn off the vehicle Short press once on /off the lights Press twice in a row switch speed mode, three-speed modes Energy saver mode ECO Standard Mode (D) sports Modes (S), you can switch  by tapping the switch twice continuously Power and Speed Display at a Glance The remaining power and the speed value in the ride are displayed in real-time, reminding you to charge in time and to ride safely.

Durable brake system This electric scooter has many Wonderful Features a rear 120mm disc braking and front E-ABS, regenerative antilock They provide an efficient responsive braking system they also more focus on the safety feature which is most important.

Everyone can use this electric scooter an adult, Office Worker, Teenagers this electric scooter is Great value for money from Xiaomi Mijia. Definitely the best scooter in its price range. 

It has a more powerful battery you can ride in both hilly and flat roads The scooter itself is high quality and a great finish, Whether you are planning to use it for recreation or as a mode of transport then there is no question that it  is a better suited to riding in hill areas and the larger battery means you will get more use of it on every charge so it is highly recommended.

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