EcubMaker TOYDIY 4 in 1 3D Printer Gearbest $50 Coupon Code Including Free Delivery

$50 Promo Code

$50 Discount Coupon from Gearbest for EcubMaker TOYDIY 4 In 1 3D Printer, Laser CNC with Auto Levelling Heatable Dual PLA face shield, US, China, Germany Warehouse available, 17 Units Per Users can order, CNC Toolhead uses a 385 DC Motor with the speed of 8000-10000 RPM, Buy for $549, Original Price $599.

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EcubMaker TOYDIY 4 in 1 3D Printer available to order from Gearbest Global site in which you can order it for $549, its almost $50 coupon code, and already 18 units sold at the time when we are writing, the 3D Printer stocked in three warehouses US, China, Germany, and maximum order limit up to 17 per person, and the best part is free delivery, the original price of the Printer is $599 and after discount, it just cost $499, $50 Promo Code, as of now Black single color, the 3D printer comes with FDM Laser CNC, with Auto Levelling Heatable Dual PLA face shield.

To operate this EcubMaker TOYDIY 4 in 1 3D Printer you will have to download official software from Ecubware website and use them in your laptop or desktop, the engraving rotational speed of principal axis is 10000 times a minute, the maximum printing size of the printer is 180 by 180 by 180 mm.

EcubMaker TOYDIY 3D Printer work in a CNC, Laser and FDM principle, and comes with 4 printing features, automatic leveling, it has heatable build plate, and support one set of software which is applicable for four-function, the product support English language only and comes with CNC tool head 40w DC Motor which work on 1000RPM.

Top print your object offline the 3D Printer support SD card and usually you can print via USB cable, and it supports Wood, Acrylic, Leather and Plastic for laser Support & for position accuracy its Z-axis 2.5um, XY axis with 11um positioning, the build plate features are automatic leveling, heatable and detachable option and support maximum 50 degree centegrate temprature, For the power option EcubMaker TOYDIY is powered by 110-220V power adapter, 120W, and Output 24V 5A, 50Hz-60Hz power. At the end follow above mention Promo code to avail this $50 Discount for EcubMaker TOYDIY 3D Printer.

EcubMaker TOYDIY 4 in 1 3D Printer Features:

  • Black Color
  • 385 DC Motor
  • CNC Carving
  • Laser Engraving
  • Build Space 180 x 180 by 180 mm
  • Automatic Leveling System
  • Four Layer Heatable Build Plate
  • EDM Dual Color 3D Printer
  • Wood, Acrylic and Plastic Laser Support Material
  • Lightning System Equipped
  • Max 50 degree Build Plate Temperature
  • Print Speed 24Ml/ hour
  • OS works with Win7 and Above
  • 6.8 Kilograms Weight
  • English Language Support
  • LCD Screen 128 by 64 Pixels
  • CNC Toolhead DC Motor.

EcubMaker TOYDIY 4 in 1 3D Printer Discount Details:

  • Listed Price: $599
  • Discounted Price: $549
  • Coupon Code: P4911FB4B81EB000
  • Saving: $50
  • Shipping: International Delivery Free
  • Warehouse Option: 3 Warehouse
  • Color: Black Color.
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