Anet ET4 Pro 3D Printer Available with $10 Promo Code + Global Shipping

$10 Promo Code

Get Instant $10 Discount on 3D Printer, 10 Minutes Quick Installation for Saving Time and Effort, 220 x 220 x 250mm Print Area, Touch Control Mute 3D Printer Quick Assembly, Black Color, China, Hong Kong Warehouse Option

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Anet ET4 Pro Available with huge $10 promo code, in which buyer can get extra flash sale discount, as of now there are multiple sizes available EU Plug, US Plug, and ET 4 Version ET 4 US Version, and all versions are stocked in China, Hong Kong warehouse, original price after fash sal drop to $279 from $314 and after applying $10 promo code the product will cost you $269.

for the installation part it takes hardly 10 minutes to install and automatic leveling and when the power goes off it will automatically resume the process, even more, there are 2.8-inch color touch screen, the printing platform is equipped with an aluminum rapid heating hotbed heats up to 100 degrees in 5 minutes, Anet ET4 Pro platform board made with aluminum alloy plus glass body design, and attached with single nozzle and 0.4mm diameter.

Anet ET4 Pro comes with 220 by 220 by 250 mm print area, comes with LCD display, where print speed 20 to 150 mm per second depending upon the size and output model, the 3D Printer supports ABS, HIPS PLA, and Wood material, and supported file format G-code, Gco, JPG, OBJ, STL, and Cura, Repetier-Host, Simplify 3D host computer software.

Anet ET4 Pro support TF Card, 0.012mm XY-axis positioning accuracy, 0.004mm Z-Axis positioning, overall design and working style of the printer is awesome, and its support power upgrade, and offline upgrade, the 3D printer comes with filament detection, with a 12-month warranty, having ultra-silent TMC 2208 stepper driver. having big leveling knob easy for platform leveling. the 3D printer work with Windows and MAC OS and dimension and weight of the product is the 3D printer work with Windows and MAC OS and dimension and weight of the product is 44.00 cm length, 34.00 cm width, 48.00 cm thickness and 7.6 kg weight.

Anet ET4 Pro 3D Printer Features

  • Black Color
  • EU, US Pro and Normal version
  • 10 Minutes Quick Installation
  • 2.8-inch touch screen
  • Rapid Heating System
  • Optimize the structure of the hotbed
  • Power upgrade
  • Offline upgrade
  • 0.1-0.3mm Layer thickness
  • 20-150mm/s Printing Speed
  • 1.75mm Material Diameter
  • Chinese and English language support
  • 110V/220V Voltage
  • TF Card Support
  • 7.6 Kilogram weight
  • Windows and MAC OS Support
  • 17.32 in x 13.39 in x 18.9 in Dimension.

Anet ET4 Pro Discount Detail:

  • Original Price: $279
  • Discounted Price: $269
  • Coupon Code: ANETET4PRO
  • Total Saving: $10
  • Shipping Options: Global Delivery.
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