Alfawise X1 $40 Coupon Code from Gearbest, Folding E-bike Bicycle Electric Bike with 25Km/Hours Speed, 250W Motor

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Gearbest $40 Promo Code for Alfawise X1 Folding E-bike Bicycle Electric Bike, with 250W Motor 25km/h Speed, Black Color, two battery options 7.8Ah Battery, 10.4Ah Battery, 3 steps quick-folding and easy storage, super-bright headlight with Aluminum alloy shell for max 120kg payload, Global Shipping.

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Hurry up you can save your $40 using coupon code from Gearbest Doling out great discounts on Alfawise X1 Electric bicycle Gearbest is giving the best discount of $40 by using code GEARBEST1114, after getting a Discount of worth that much $$ you can get this E-bike (Electric bicycle) only on $480 which is a most suitable price, earlier the price was $529, the electric bike only available in Black color.

Alfawise is the one the best brand who is launching its Electric Bike with an affordable price range, furthermore, the electric bike is backed by a powerful 7.5mAH/10.4Ah li-ion battery for a maximum of 30km in pure electric mode and 60 km mileage in moped mode, longer range. The electric bike is powered by a 250W motor that delivers a maximum running distance of 30 km.

Alfawise X1 E-bike operates in three different modes pure electric mode and moped mode and pedal mode, you can use pedal mode in urban roads and electric mode in hilly roads, one more best thing about this Electric bike is that there is no need to charge the battery every day.

Alfawise X1 Electric bicycle which facilitates higher speeds maximum 25 km/hr and a longer works The electric bike is powered by 250W motor with an input voltage of 100-240V that delivers maximum running distance of 60 km with power assist.

Charging time of Electric Bike is 5hr which is very less time it can run 60km pure electric mode, this is a super little bike for the city, we can use E-bike for office purposes and for wandering.

Alfawise X1 can handle the maximum weight of 120 kg perfectly You can drive it on the worst road it can handle them very well, and Uneven ground or potholes don’t make this bike flinch.

There is a power assist mode in this where you can save power. This bike doesn’t need to be charged every day it is really compact I size as you can see from the picture of the bike.

You can bring it everywhere even a crowded subway or has power even without gear, The bike can push 95kg+17KG itself quite everywhere The best suggestion I can give living in a very uneven city to use electric mode (using rotating handle) Human legs assist by motor electric mode is just better because you can choose when you need most the battery power on climbs or traffic light starts.

The main advantage of Alfawise X1 is the price according to quality the manufacturer aced it. Furthermore, all the extra features and functions like lamps switch horn USB portal, The folding procedure is pretty easy and safe. Considering the safety of the rider electric bike has been outfitted with a double brake system and front electric brakes. The rear wheel is equipped with a mechanical disc brake 

Alfawise X1 Electric bike adopts the second fast-folding design for converting storing and is housed in a robust aviation-grade aluminum frame. It has Front fork-type suspension which absorbs all shocks in a pothole It has super bright Headlight you can see everything clearly within 2m in the dark.

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