Alfawise V9S BL517 $15 Discount Coupon, Support Amazon Alex Google Home

$15 Coupon Code

Get Instant $15 Discount on Alfawise V9S BL517 Laser Navigation Robot Vacuum Cleaner Smart Mop Support Amazon Alex Google Home, features with Excellent Laser Navigation, Detailed Interactive Cleaning Maps, Powerful Suction, Good Battery Life and Smart Charging, Fast and Hong kong warehouse options, and available in single White color

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Alfawise V9S BL517 comes with laser navigation system in which it can fix their route automatically, as of now we have new deal with $15 discount from Gearbest, where you can order the same product for $254, earlier the price was $269 with almost 29% discount, we all know China is hub of electronic gadgets, the initial price was $373, after flash sale the cost drop to $269. The product also stocked in two warehouses fast one and second in Hong Kong.

Alfawise V9S BL517 can easily work with Amazon Alexa and Google home assistant devices, and equipped with EU Plug option, it means European buyers can easily get the same product in their country without any issue, other than that Alfawise V9S BL517 comes with so many exciting features such as smart, efficient cleaning LDS sensor, 10 times 360-degree scanning per second + SLAM for precise mapping, tagging obstacles, avoiding repetitive works.

Alfawise V9S made with ABS material and you can control device remotely, the device itself creates virtual wall when the vacuum cleaner in working mode, it equipped with 475 ml dust box capacity, 220ml water tank capacity, and can easily clean up to 150 Square meter area in 78 minutes, the cleaner can work up to 120 Minutes.

For the power option, Alfawise V9S comes with 25W power, 14.4 V voltage and input current 24V DC 600mA and 100 – 240V AC input voltage, and the robot vacuum cleaner is powered by 2600mAh battery.

Alfawise V9S BL517 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Features:

  • Amazon Alexa Support
  • Google Home Support
  • Laser Navigation Robot Vacuum Cleaner
  • White Color
  • Detailed Interactive Cleaning Maps
  • Powerful Suction
  • Good Battery Life and Smart Charging
  • Self-charging
  • Up to 1800Pa strong suction and multiple cleaning modes
  • Virtual Wall
  • 65dB Noise
  • 24V DC 600mA Output Current
  • 120min Working Time
  • 32.50 cm x 32.50 cm x 9.60 cm
  • 4.8 Kg in weight.

Alfawise V9S BL517 Laser Navigation Robot Vacuum Cleaner Discount Details:

  • Original Price: $269
  • Discounted Price: $254
  • Coupon Code: ALFAV9SFPL
  • Total Discount After Coupon: $15
  • Warehouse Option: Fast and Hong Kong.
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